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High Static Pressure Ceiling Conceal Duct Type Fan Coil Unit MFP-340HAW

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MECO high static pressure horizontal fan coil unit (W type) is developed for the installation with long duct. It is the best choice for horizontal long distance air supply. Unique design make the maintenance and installation easier.
  • MFP-340HAW

  • MECO

Product Description :

The unit fan adopts a high-quality forward tilting centrifugal fan, which has undergone dynamic balance adjustment. The range of residual pressure outside the machine can reach 120 Pa, which can connect air ducts longer than 10m, making up for the deficiency of static pressure in ordinary fan coil units to a maximum extent.

The High Static Pressure Ceiling Conceal Duct Type Fan Coil Unit is designed to provide superior performance and efficiency for your air conditioning needs. With its high static pressure capability, this unit is capable of delivering air at a greater distance, making it ideal for installations with longer air ducts.

One of the key features of this fan coil unit is its high static pressure capability. This means that it can generate a greater external static pressure, allowing air to be pushed further. This is particularly beneficial if you have longer air ducts connected to the fan coil unit's air outlet. Additionally, compared to the high static pressure model, the standard model offers lower noise levels.

When it comes to differentiating between the standard model and the high static pressure model of the ducted fan coil unit, the main distinction lies in the external static pressure. The high static pressure model is designed to have a relatively higher external static pressure. As a result, it operates at a higher fan speed, resulting in increased noise levels. On the other hand, the standard model offers lower noise levels in comparison.

Choose the High Static Pressure Ceiling Conceal Duct Type Fan Coil Unit for a powerful and efficient air conditioning solution. With its high static pressure capability, it ensures that air is distributed effectively and efficiently, even in installations with longer air ducts. Enjoy a comfortable and quiet environment with this professional-grade fan coil unit.

Product Characteristics :

1 The product has classical elegant design

2 High static pressure which is more suitable for long distance air supply. 

3 High quality purple copper, with high diathermanous efficiency, tenacity and rigidity characteristic to bear high hydraulic pressure especially, suits super high building use. Distance of fins is improved by computer emulation optimum design with experimental feedback, supply sufficient heat exchange area, smooth airflow and high efficient heat exchange.

4 Big diameter fan, big air volume, low noise.

5 Electric heater is optional

Performance Sheet : 

HAW performance

Introducing our High Static Pressure Ceiling Conceal Duct Type Fan Coil Unit, a versatile and efficient solution for air circulation in any space. This advanced unit is designed with a range of features to provide optimal performance and comfort.

With its classical elegant design, our fan coil unit adds a touch of sophistication to any interior. Its timeless aesthetics seamlessly blend into any setting, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Featuring high static pressure capabilities, our fan coil unit is specifically designed for long-distance air supply. This makes it ideal for spaces where air needs to be distributed over a significant distance, ensuring consistent airflow and ventilation throughout the area.

Constructed with high-quality purple copper, our fan coil unit offers excellent diathermanous efficiency, tenacity, and rigidity. This allows it to withstand high hydraulic pressure, making it suitable for use in super high-rise buildings. The fins of the unit are designed using computer emulation and experimental feedback to optimize the distance and provide sufficient heat exchange area. This results in smooth airflow and highly efficient heat exchange, ensuring optimal performance.

Equipped with a big diameter fan, our fan coil unit delivers a large air volume while operating at a low noise level. This creates a comfortable and quiet environment for everyone.

For added convenience, our fan coil unit offers an optional electric heater. This allows for customizable heating capabilities, ensuring comfort during colder seasons.

Choose our High Static Pressure Ceiling Conceal Duct Type Fan Coil Unit for its classical elegant design, high static pressure capabilities, high-quality construction, big diameter fan, low noise operation, and optional electric heater. Experience efficient and customizable air circulation in any space with this exceptional product.


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