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E style ultra thin type ceiling conceal duct fan coil unit DCV-MFP-34WA-QE

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MECO ultra-thin type ceiling conceal duct fan coil unit passed ISO 9001 and CE certification, 18 months warranty. This product has EC/DC motor type. It have more efficiency and reduce the installation space.

  • MECO

Product Description : 

With a sleek 200mm slim body thickness, this unit is specifically engineered to conserve suspension space, making it an ideal choice for compact areas.

Equipped with a plastic fan, this fan coil unit ensures a smooth and gentle airflow distribution, creating a more comfortable environment for you. Not only does it provide a pleasant cooling experience, but it also operates with minimal noise, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

One of the standout features of our duct fan coil unit is its standard equipped return air box. This feature ensures efficient air circulation and enhances the overall performance of the unit. Additionally, the bottom and side air supply methods can be easily interchanged without the need for any additional materials, offering flexibility and convenience during installation.

To further enhance the user experience, our unit is equipped with plastic fan blades. These blades not only contribute to a more gentle and uniform airflow, but they also significantly reduce operational noise, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment.

In conclusion, our ultra-thin type ceiling conceal duct fan coil unit combines space-saving design, versatile installation options, and advanced features to deliver superior cooling and heating performance. Invest in this professional-grade product for efficient and quiet air circulation in any setting.

Product Characteristics : 

1 Ultra slim design: the machine body is only 200mm which is adapt a narrow installation space. Good looking.

2 Air volume range: 510m³/h~1360m³/h

3 Our slim conceal duct fan coil unit have air return box, the style of air return box can be changed easily.

4 Condensate water drain pump is optional

5 DC motor is standard. Use best quality DC motor, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The energy consumption of DC motor is average more than 60% compare to AC motor.

The efficiency of AC motor is always 40%~45%, it means that there has 55%~60% energy was transferred to heat which might cause to the aging of components. It is harm to the life of motor. The efficiency of DC motor is always more than 80%~95%., few energy change to heat and more working life than AC motor.

Performance Sheet :

Estyle slim duct unit


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