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E-Style Ultra-thin Ceiling Conceal Ducted Type Fan Coil Unit

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The duct type fan coil unit is widely used in home or industry decoration. With the 200mm thickness, the slim type ceiling conceal duct fan coil fan me installed in any narrow ceiling space. Easy installation, excellent performance and super quiet operation will be the perfect choice for the end part of the central air conditioning system.

Product Description: 

Introducing the E-Style Ultra-thin Ceiling Conceal Ducted Type Fan Coil Unit, a cutting-edge solution for your cooling needs. Designed with a sleek and slim body, this unit not only saves installation space but also adds a touch of elegance to any room.

One of the standout features of this fan coil unit is its standard return air box, which eliminates the need for additional materials. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of two different air return options – bottom and side return – allowing you to customize the airflow according to your preference.

Equipped with a plastic fan wheel, this unit ensures a gentle and even distribution of air, providing a comfortable and quiet cooling experience. Its low operational noise makes it the perfect choice for residential settings, catering to the specific requirements of home installations.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with the E-Style Ultra-thin Ceiling Conceal Ducted Type Fan Coil Unit. Upgrade your cooling system today and enjoy the benefits of efficient and quiet cooling in your home or office.

Our advantages

1 The fan coil unit is only 200mm thickness, which is suitable to installed in a height-limited ceiling

2 The water pipe connection side can be customized. It will benefit to short the installation cost.

3 Adopt good quality heat exchanger and fan, which is benefit to the heat exchanging capacity and efficiency

5 Dain pump is optional. A 700 lift drain pump is optional to built-in the fan coil. The controlling of drain pump is also built-in; Water float switch is standard for the FCU which built-in drain pump, to prevent the leaking of draining.

Product Applications

The fan coil unit is the end device of the air conditioning system. Its working principle is that the air in the room where the unit is located is recycled continuously, so that the air is cooled (heated) after passing through the cold water (hot water) coil unit, so as to keep the room temperature constant. The ultra-thin ceiling conceal ducted type fan coil unit is very suitable for installation in rooms with limited ceiling space.


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