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Conceal Type Ceiling And Floor Fan Coil Unit MFP-102TA

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MECO universal type fan coil unit is developed by long time producing and selling experience. After 2 years, depending on the markets feedback and some new technology, our engineers start to develop the new design universal type fan coil unit. Till May, 2013, we have completely models of universal type fan coil unit and EC motor one.
  • MFP-102TA

  • MECO

Product Description :

The perfect solution for efficient and discreet air conditioning. This professional-grade product offers both vertical air supply and ceiling installation options, making it versatile for various room layouts.

Designed with a concealed feature, this unit can be seamlessly installed within the ceiling or even hidden within the walls, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. Say goodbye to bulky and unsightly air conditioning units that disrupt the aesthetics of your space.

The Conceal Type Ceiling And Floor Fan Coil Unit is a professional-grade fan coil unit that offers exceptional performance and functionality. Designed with a slim and compact body, this unit takes up minimal space, measuring only 246mm in thickness.

This versatile unit can be easily installed in various locations such as under windows, within walls, or recessed with decorative panels. It is available in two configurations: upward airflow and forward airflow, allowing for flexible installation options to suit different environments.

Perfect for conference rooms, lobbies, or sports arenas, this fan coil unit ensures efficient and effective air circulation. Its advanced technology guarantees a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment, even in large spaces.

With its professional design and high-quality construction, the Conceal Type Ceiling And Floor Fan Coil Unit is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient cooling solution.

Product Characteristics :

1 With its comprehensive range of models, this fan coil unit is designed to meet a wide variety of airflow requirements.

The air volume range is : 340m³/h~2380m³/h

2 With a choice of 12pa and 30pa static pressure, you can customize the unit to achieve optimal air distribution throughout your space. This flexibility ensures that the unit can adapt to various environments, providing the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency.

3 Easy disassembly and maintenance

4 Left or Right water pipe connection can be changed freely.


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MECO products are successfully sold to more than 30 countries and regions including: Europe; South America; Middle east; Southeast Asia and Africa etc.

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