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Domestic Using Air Handing Unit

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The domestic using air handing unit can be used in environments with ground temperature regulating air conditioning systems or radiation temperature regulating systems. It can provide cooling/heating supplementation for the overall environment. It can adjust the ambient temperature more quickly in these two air conditioning systems.


1. Air volume range of this household air handing unit is 400~1360m³/h. Maximum dehumidification capacity 16kg/h

2. The location of the fresh air inlet can be changed by required.

3 Standard with DC motor

4 Select condensate lift pump to save ceiling space.

Our advantages

1 Strong air handing capacity, circulating air volume range 400~1360m³/h, maximum refrigeration capacity 9600W, maximum dehumidification capacity 16kg/h (under dehumidification conditions)

2 Large heat exchange area, 4-row surface coolers, deep dehumidification depth, low air supply humidity contents as low as 7.2g/kg under dehumidification conditions.

3 The filter of this product is easy to change (filter class 7)

4 The front mounted fan is installed to facilitate maintenance and natural drainage without adding a U-shaped trap.

Product Applications

The domestic using air handing unit can provide five dimensions of functions, including: environmental temperature regulation, environmental humidity regulation, air filtration, fresh air function, and air volume regulation. It is suitable for places with high requirements for environmental comfort, such as homes, apartments, villas, etc.

Power supply220V~ 50Hz ,1 Ph
Air volumeHm3/h40085010201360
Static pressurePa25808080
Motor control voltageV24.25.410
Cooling capacity      (indoor temperature 27/19.5℃,water temperature7/12℃)THHigh fan speedW3450660077009600
Dehumidification capacityL/h2.483.253.534.23
supply air temperatureDB/WB/Moisture content of air supply℃,℃,g/kg10.3/9.7/7.2911.5/10.9/7.911.7/11.1/8.0312.3/11.7/8.35
Cooling capacity *(indoor temperature 29/26.2℃,water temperature 7/12℃)THHigh fan speedW6800133001520018800
Dehumidification capacityL/h5.711.613.316.1
supply air temperatureDB/WB/Moisture content of air supply℃,℃,g/kg10.5/9.7/7.1811.9/11.5/8.2912.4/12.1/8.6513.4/13/9.2
Cooling capacity **(indoor temperature 35/28℃,water temperature 10/15℃)THHigh fan speedW6600128001500018000
Dehumidification capacityL/h5.110.21214.4
supply air temperatureDB/WB/Moisture content of air supply℃,℃,g/kg13.7/12.8/8.8815.3/14.7/10.2315.9/15.4/10.7216.9/16.3/11.44
Heating capacity(indoor temperature 21/15℃,inlet water temperature 45℃,water flow value is the same as cooling mode)
Noise levelH80PadB(A)



Power input80PaW40145240420
Noise level80PaDb(A)30404244
Waterflow volume
Water pressure drop (rated)kPa8293858
water tube connecioninletZG3/4"ZG3/4"ZG3/4"ZG3/4"
CoiltypeHydrophilic aluminum fin to wear copper tube (6 rows)

Drain by nature
Drain by pumpOptional¢26mm¢26mm¢26mm¢26mm
DimensionDimensions do not include air vents and hooks(L*W*H)mm1050*600*300


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