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B Style Horizontal Conceal Type Fan Coil Unit

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Horizontal concealed fan coil unit is the most commonly used end product for water-cooled air conditioning systems. 
It can be connected to air ducts to meet the air supply requirements with a certain distance. Connecting cold and heat sources can meet the air supply needs of refrigeration and heating functions.

Product Introduction: 

This unit can easily be connected to air ducts, allowing for precise control and distribution of airflow within a certain distance. By connecting to both cold and heat sources, this fan coil unit is able to meet the air supply requirements for both refrigeration and heating functions. Trust in the reliability and performance of our B Style Horizontal Conceal Type Fan Coil Unit for all your HVAC needs.

Product Characteristics:

1 High quality fan, every fan which installed on the fan coil unit is passed precision adjustment of dynamic balance. Fan runs with low noise and stable working.

2 Using high grade tensile plate, with plastic sprayed on the surface, therefore it is smooth and shiny rusty-proof as well Introducing one-off pressed forming technique, there is no welding line and point deal with heat preservation to assure the tray flat and compact avoiding quadratic leakage.

3 High quality purple copper, with high diathermanous efficiency, tenacity and rigidity characteristic to bear high hydraulic pressure especially, suits super high building use. Distance of fins is improved by computer emulation optimum design with experimental feedback, supply sufficient heat exchange area, smooth airflow and high efficient heat exchange.

4 Stainless steel hose can be installed as inlet/outlet water connection

5 Easily interfaced with most widely used Mod-bus and proprietary supervisory system based on mod-bus protocol.

Performance Sheet: 

B 款卧式暗装参数


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