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MFP-170KM-Q1MM3 M Style Chilled Water Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit

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M style 4-way cassette type fan coil unit - a versatile and efficient solution for your air conditioning needs. Also known as the ceiling-mounted or embedded fan coil unit, this product offers three different configurations: one-sided air outlet, two-sided air outlet, and four-sided air outlet.

One of the key advantages of the M style 4-way cassette type fan coil unit is its easy installation process. Unlike traditional fan coil units, this model eliminates the need for additional accessories such as air ducts and air outlets. This makes it a perfect choice for various settings, including residential homes, office buildings, and more.

Designed with professionalism in mind, this product boasts a sleek and modern appearance that seamlessly blends with any interior decor. Its professional tone of voice ensures that it complements the ambiance of your space while delivering exceptional performance.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the M style 4-way cassette type fan coil unit. Upgrade your air conditioning system today and enjoy optimal comfort in your home or workplace.
  • MFP-170KM-Q1MM3

  • MECO

Product Description:

4-side air blowing, can select 2 pipe or 4 pipe system. Air volume range is :380m³/h ~2720m³/h. Cooling capacity range is: 2000W ~ 15000W. Drain by water pump and controlled by remote controller as standard.

Our M Style 4-Way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit, a versatile and efficient solution for your cooling and heating needs. With its unique 4-side air blowing design, this unit ensures optimal air distribution and circulation throughout the room, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment.

It offers the flexibility to choose between a 2 pipe or 4 pipe system, allowing you to customize the unit to suit your specific requirements. This versatility ensures compatibility with different building configurations and provides efficient cooling and heating capabilities.

With an air volume range of 380m³/h to 2720m³/h, our fan coil unit delivers powerful airflow, ensuring effective temperature control and a refreshing indoor environment. The cooling capacity ranges from 2000W to 15000W, providing ample cooling power for a variety of spaces.

Equipped with a water pump for efficient drainage and a remote controller for convenient operation, our M Style 4-Way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit offers enhanced functionality and ease of use. The standard remote controller allows for easy temperature adjustment and control, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

Choose our M Style 4-Way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit for its versatile 4-side air blowing design, compatibility with 2 pipe or 4 pipe systems, powerful airflow, and convenient remote control operation. Experience efficient cooling and heating performance in your space with this exceptional product.

Product Characteristic:

1 With its multi-directional airflow, this fan coil unit ensures a more uniform temperature distribution in your space, creating a comfortable environment. 

2 The optimized panel design effectively prevents the occurrence of short-circuiting of the return air, enhancing the overall performance.

3 Installation is a breeze with this unit, saving you valuable time and reducing labor costs. 

4 The inclusion of a large-diameter spiral centrifugal impeller guarantees high air volume while operating at low noise levels, ensuring a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

5 For those seeking to improve indoor air quality, the M Style 4-Way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit also offers the option to include a negative ion generator. This feature helps to purify and refresh the air, creating a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment.

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