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1-Way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit

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1-way cassette type fan coil unit is kind of cassette type fan coil unit, which used for ceiling mounted installation. It has one way air flowing. It can be embedded in the ceiling, so it doesn't take up space and is also aesthetically pleasing. Because its 1-way air blowing, it is good to be installed in the side of ceiling. The 1-way cassette type fan coil unit is controlled by remote controller. These products concentrate all advantages of light, thin, quiet running and high draining lift. It not only meets cooling/heating demand, but also can introduce fresh air from outside, and overcomes installation localization caused by drain.


1. Corner air supply design suitable for small space ceiling.

2. Remote control, installed with drain pump inside

3. Fresh air can be input from outside.

Our advantages

1. Thin design unit which can be installed in a limit ceiling (the thickness of unit is only 235mm)

2. Remote controller is standard and wire controller is optional. Flexible control methods.

3. Auto swing, wide air flowing range.

4. The wind guide bar of horizontal can be changed by manual

5. Quiet running

6. High lift water drained pump (750mm). Float switch inside to prevent from leaking.

7. Easily interfaced with most widely used Mod-bus and proprietary supervisory system based on Mod-bus protocol.

8. Left/right water tube connection can be selected. 4-tube system is optional

9. Air-cleaning function can be selected; we offer negative ion generator as optional parts.

Product Applications

One way cassette type fan coil unit is a widely used terminal device in the central air conditioning system. It can be used in commercial places such as offices, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

model(4 tube system) MFP-34K1M4-Q1AA1 M4FP-51K1M4-Q1AA1 M4FP-68K1M4-Q1AA1 M4FP-85K1M4-Q1AA1
model MFP-34K1M4-Q1A1 M4FP-51K1M4-Q1A1 M4FP-68K1M4-Q1A1 M4FP-85K1M4-Q1A1
model of panel MB-SA11A1
power supply 220V,50Hz,1Ph
air volume H m3/h 340 510 680 850
M 280 380 515 660
L 180 260 340 430
static pressure Pa

cooling capacity TH H W 1350 2030 2700 3380
BTU/h 4606 6926 9212 11533
SH W 1000 1520 2080 2450
BTU/h 3412 5186 7097 8359
TH M W 1130 1850 2250 2790
W 770 1200 1540 1860
SH L W 1040 1540 1860 2190
W 630 920 1180 1410
heating capacity H W 1080 1620 2160 2700
M W 780 1108 1574 1960
L W 516 710 1120 1402
noise H 0Pa dB(A) 37 39 41 43
power input H 0Pa W 37 52 62 76
waterflow volume Cooling m3/h 0.23 0.35 0.46 0.58
waterflow volume heating 0.09 0.14 0.19 0.23
water pressure dropping cooling kPa 7 7.3 13 14.6
heating 4.2 4.4 7.5 8.7
dimension of water(in & out)connection pipe cooling/heating ZG1/2" ZG1/2" ZG1/2" ZG1/2"
ZG1/2" ZG1/2" ZG1/2" ZG1/2"
coil type high efficient copper pipe to wear Hydrophilic aluminum coil
dimension of water drain pipe mm ¢26 ¢26 ¢26 ¢26
net dimension unit L×W×H     mm 971*413*236 971*413*236 971*413*236 971*413*236
panel 1044*468*31
net weight unit kg 22 22 23 23
panel 4


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