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High Static Pressure Ducted Type Fan Coil Unit (HAW)

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The high static pressure ducted type fan coil unit adopts a high-quality forward tilting centrifugal fan, which has undergone balance adjustment and stable performance. The maximum external residual pressure range can reach 0-120 Pa, which can be connected to air ducts longer than 10m, making up for the deficiency of static pressure in ordinary fan coil units to the greatest extent.


1. The unit have high static pressure which can provide long-distance air supply. The static pressure is 120pa

2. Air volume range is  1360~4080m³/h

3. Selective E-heating for stronger heating

5 Fresh air can be input from outside

Our advantages

1 Strong air supply capacity, suitable for connecting air ducts for long-distance air supply

2 Choosing different shapes and quantities of air duct interfaces can cleverly cooperate with the design and installation of the air duct system, making the installation more diverse and personalized.

3 The design of a single forming condensate tray with integral stamping, without seams, prevents water dripping and leakage; The external insulation of the water tray is a one-time adhesive to prevent condensation.

Product Applications

The high static pressure duct fan coil unit has the advantages of low initial investment in the system and easy introduction of fresh air. Widely used in villas, office buildings, shopping malls, conference rooms, supermarkets, and commercial venues.

Price and Performance of high static pressure duct type fan coil unit(HAW series,2 pipe system)
High speedm3/h13601700204023802720306034004080
Medium speedm3/h10901360163519002180245027203260
Low speedm3/h8151020122514301630183020402450
Cooling capacityHigh speed kW7.2910.812.614.416.21821.6
Middel speed kW5.456.88.159.510.8512.2513.616.3
Low speed kW4.
Heating capacityHigh speed kW10.813.516.218.921.624.32732.4
Middel speed kW8.210.2512.314.3516.418.4520.524.6
Low speed kW78.810.5512.314.0515.817.5521.05
Water volumem3/h1.231.541.852.162.462.773.083.7
Static pressurePa120120120120120120120120
Water pressure droppingkPa2528303536424350
fantypedouble inlet forward-curve centrifugal fan
Motortype3 speed permanent split capacity motor
power supply220V~ 50Hz 1Ph
power input(w)3804204505205508809001100
CoiltypeCopper tube coat aluminum fin
working pressure1.6MPa
faced area(m2)0.2560.2850.2850.3340.3340.4020.4020.494
Pipe connectionwater inlet3/4"
water outlet3/4"
water drainage3/4"
net weight(kg)4749505455606180
testing condition:
Cooling nominal condition:
indoor air temperature:27℃/19.5℃  DB/WB
water temperature: 7℃/12℃, at maximum speed
Heating nominal condit
indoor air temperature: 20℃/15℃ DB/WB
water inlet temperature: 60℃, at maximum speed,
with the same water flow as in cooling.
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