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M Style 4-Way Air Blowing Ceiling Mounted Fan Coil Unit (Drain By Pump)

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The M style 4-way cassette type fan coil unit is a widely used end device in central air conditioning systems. The fan coil unit itself does not provide cold and heat sources. The 4-way cassette type fan coil unit has flexible layout, convenient adjustment, low working pressure, and high standardization. Air supply and cooling (heating) are the basic functions of this fan coil units.

Product Description: 

Introducing our 4-way cassette type fan coil unit, designed to provide exceptional comfort and efficiency in any indoor space. With its advanced features, this unit ensures a uniform temperature distribution throughout the application area.

One of the key features of this fan coil unit is the multi-directional airflow, which guarantees a more even temperature field within the premises. This means that every corner of the room will benefit from the same level of comfort, eliminating any hot or cold spots.

Installation of this unit is hassle-free, as it does not require separate installation of supply and return air vents. Additionally, there is no need for complex ductwork connections or insulation tasks, saving both time and costs during the installation process.

Furthermore, our 4-way cassette type fan coil unit is equipped with a fresh air intake, allowing the introduction of outdoor air into the indoor environment. This feature ensures a constant supply of fresh air, contributing to a healthier and more pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Choose our 4-way cassette type fan coil unit for a professional and efficient solution to your indoor climate control needs. Experience the benefits of its advanced features and enjoy a consistently comfortable environment in any space.


1. 4-way air flowing, which can uniform temperature distribution in the room. Elegant appearance can let our fan coil unit match different decoration style.

2. Remote controller is standard and wire controller is optional

3. Auto swing

4 The fan coil unit can introduce fresh air from external environment.

Our advantages

1. The dimension of M1 unit is only 590*590mm, which can be installed in a standard ceiling opening. In addition, the thickness is only 240mm

2. Adopting a large diameter turbo centrifugal fan for low noise operation.

3. Specially panel design to avoid air-short flowing.

4. Remote control is standard for this kind of product. We can also offer wire controller.

5. The cassette fan coil is equipped with a lifting pump inside, with a drainage height of up to 750mm, ensuring the smooth discharge of condensate water

6. The cassette fan coil unit adopts a special structure. After removing the panel, the air filter screen, electrical components, fan, and fan motor can be easily removed or replaced. After removing the water tray of the body, the drainage pump and heat exchanger can also be disassembled and replaced.

7. Easily interfaced with most widely used Mod-bus and proprietary supervisory system based on Mod-bus protocol.

8. We can offer water valve as accessory.

Product Applications

The four-way cassette fan coil unit is suitable for air conditioning treatment in square or large rooms. This kind of fan coil units are used in hotels, office buildings, conference rooms, shopping malls and other places with high indoor decoration requirements.


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