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4-way Air Blowing Ceiling Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit DC-MFP-68KM-Q1MM1

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MECO M style 4-way cassette type fan coil unit is developed by long time producing and selling experience. As a complex product in this field, cassette type fan coil unit is always a hard point for many manufactories. The M style cassette fan coil can be used in different kinds of place such as office, shopping mall, villa or restaurant. The fan runs with low noise and offer comfortable air blowing.
  • DC-MFP-68KM-Q1MM1

  • MECO

Product Description : 

The body can be hidden inside the ceiling, without occupying effective indoor space. The front panel is designed to be ultra-thin and streamlined, which can beautify the living room. A good air supply direction ensures that the airflow is sent out from all four sides, capable of supplying air at 65 ℃ downwards, with a wider air supply range and a more comfortable feeling.

Our 4-way Air Blowing Ceiling Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit, a versatile and efficient solution for optimal air circulation in any space. This advanced unit is designed with a range of features to provide superior performance and convenience.

Featuring a distinctive panel design, our fan coil unit adds a touch of elegance to any room. The 4-way air flowing design ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the space, creating a comfortable environment. Additionally, the elegant appearance of our unit allows it to seamlessly match different styles of decoration.

With its thin design, our fan coil unit can be easily installed in ceilings with limited clearance. With a minimum thickness of 240mm, it provides a compact solution without compromising on performance.

Equipped with a high lift water drained pump, our unit offers flexibility in the installation of the condensate water pipe. The 750mm high lift water drain pump ensures efficient drainage, preventing any potential water accumulation issues.

Utilizing high-quality DC motor, our fan coil unit offers high efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared to AC motors, the energy consumption of DC motors is on average more than 60% lower, resulting in significant energy savings.

For centralized control, our 4-way Air Blowing Ceiling Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit offers a central control solution. We have added Mod-bus agreement to the unit's control system, allowing seamless integration with intelligent building systems.

Choose our 4-way Air Blowing Ceiling Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit for its distinctive panel design, uniform air distribution, thin design, high lift water drained pump, energy-efficient DC motor, and central control solution. Experience superior air circulation and convenience in any space with this exceptional product.

Product Characteristics : 

1 Distinctive panel design

4-way air flowing, which can uniform temperature distribution in the room. Elegant appearance can let our fan coil unit match different decoration style.

2 Thin design units which can be installed in a limit ceiling (the Min. Thickness is 240mm).

3 High lift water drained pump (750mm high lift water drain pump which make the installation of condensate water pipe more flexible

4 Use high quality DC motor, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The energy consumption of DC motor is average more than 60% compare to AC motor.

5  MECO 4-way Air Blowing Ceiling Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit have central control solution. We add Mod-buts agreement with the control of the unit which can access intelligent building system.

Performance Sheet :

Air Volume680 m³/h
Cooling Capacity3800W
Heating Capacity5900W
Noise Level42 dB
Power Input50 W
Waterflow Volume0.65 m³/h
Pressure Dropping26 kPa


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