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MFP-204KM-Q1GG3 Surround Air Flow Type Fan Coil Unit

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The streamlined design of the panel features multi angle air supply. Compared to the traditional four sided air outlet panel, it adds air outlets in the four corner directions, truly achieving 360 ° non dead angle air supply.
  • MFP-204KM-Q1GG3

  • MECO

Product Description:

Introducing our Surround Air Flow Type Fan Coil Unit, the ideal solution for commercial air circulation requirements. This advanced unit is specifically designed to deliver comprehensive and uninterrupted air distribution, ensuring optimal ventilation throughout your commercial space.

With its sleek and stylish exterior design, our Surround Air Flow Type Fan Coil Unit seamlessly integrates into any commercial setting, such as supermarkets, offices, hotels, and other business establishments. Its contemporary aesthetics not only enhance the overall ambiance but also project a professional image.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our fan coil unit guarantees efficient and effective airflow distribution. It ensures a constant and balanced airflow in every corner of your commercial space, eliminating discomfort caused by stagnant or unevenly distributed air.

Our Surround Air Flow Type Fan Coil Unit not only prioritizes functionality but also emphasizes energy efficiency. By optimizing the air circulation process, it minimizes energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings for your business.

In addition to its exceptional performance, our fan coil unit is designed for easy installation and maintenance. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls enable hassle-free operation, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

Invest in our Surround Air Flow Type Fan Coil Unit today to experience optimal commercial air circulation. Create a comfortable and inviting environment for your customers, employees, and guests, while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your commercial space. Trust in our product to deliver unmatched performance and meet all your air distribution needs.

Product Characteristics:

1 360° air blowing

2 Control method can be selected, the standard control method is remote control. Customer can also choose wire controller.

3 Fresh air can be input from outside

4 4 pipe system can be selected

Performance Sheet:

G style


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