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M Style 4-way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit MFP-238KM-Q1MM3

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MECO’s cassette type fan coil unit is developed by long time producing and selling experience. MECO start to produce the old design cassette type fan coil unit in 2001. The 4 way air blowing can offer widely range of air support. Now, we have completely models of M style cassette type fan coil unit and EC motor one. The M style cassette fan coil unit is our core competitiveness which has high stability and comprehensive function.
  • MFP-238KM-Q1MM3

  • MECO

Product Description :

The 4-way cassette type fan coil unit is a perfect solution for larger rooms where other units may not provide optimal performance or may be difficult to use. With its sleek design, this fan coil unit is hidden within the ceiling, seamlessly blending the return air outlet with the ceiling, creating a harmonious and luxurious look.

The 4-way cassette type fan coil unit offers three different airflow options - high, medium, and low. This allows for customizable and efficient air distribution, ensuring maximum comfort for the occupants of the room.

Designed with professionalism in mind, this fan coil unit is perfect for commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, and conference rooms. Its professional tone and high-quality performance make it a reliable choice for any professional setting.

One of the key features of this fan coil unit is its ability to provide a uniform and comfortable cooling effect. Say goodbye to hotspots and uneven temperatures, as this unit ensures that every corner of your space is cool and comfortable.

The M Style 4-way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit also offers zone control and personalized adjustment options. With this feature, you can customize the temperature settings for different areas, allowing for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Saving space is a top priority for many customers, and this fan coil unit delivers on that front. With its compact design and ability to be mounted on the ceiling, it not only saves valuable floor space but also adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Noise can be a major nuisance, but not with this fan coil unit. It operates with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful and quiet environment for you and your customers.

Managing and maintaining this unit is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. With just a few simple steps, you can easily adjust settings, monitor performance, and ensure optimal operation.

Energy efficiency is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an air conditioning unit, and the M Style 4-way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit excels in this area. It is designed to consume less energy while delivering superior cooling performance, helping you save on your energy bills.

Installation and maintenance have never been easier. This fan coil unit offers flexibility and convenience, making it a hassle-free choice for both installers and users. Additionally, its reliability and stability ensure long-term performance and peace of mind.

Product Characteristics : 

1 Thin design units which can be installed in a limit ceiling (the Min. Thickness is 240mm). Our cassette fan coil unit is easy to be installed that can reduce installation cost.

2 Specially panel design to avoid air-short flowing.

3 Remote controller is standard and wire controller is optional

4 Excellent performance-Integral C type heat exchanger, blue fin.

5 MECO water cassette type fan coil unit (M) have central control solution. We add Mod-buts agreement with the control of the unit which can access intelligent building system.

6 Left/right water tube connection can be selected

7 Air-cleaning function can be selected, we offer negative ion generator as optional parts.

8 4-tube system is optional

Performance Sheet : 


Our M Style 4-way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit is designed with precision and efficiency, offering a range of impressive features. With its thin design, this unit can be easily installed in limited ceiling spaces, with a minimum thickness requirement of 240mm. This not only saves space but also reduces installation costs, making it a cost-effective choice.

The specially designed panel of our cassette fan coil unit prevents air-short flowing, ensuring optimal air distribution and circulation. This results in a comfortable and consistent indoor environment.

Our unit comes with a standard remote controller, allowing for convenient and easy operation. Additionally, a wire controller is available as an optional feature, providing flexibility in control options.

With an integral C type heat exchanger and blue fin technology, our M Style 4-way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit delivers excellent performance and efficient heat transfer. This ensures effective cooling and heating capabilities, maintaining a comfortable temperature in any space.

Moreover, our MECO water cassette type fan coil unit (M) offers a central control solution. We have added Mod-bus agreement to the unit's control system, allowing it to be integrated into an intelligent building system. This enhances control and monitoring capabilities, providing a seamless and efficient operation.

Choose our M Style 4-way Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit for its thin design, easy installation, optimal air distribution, and advanced control options. Experience the benefits of superior performance, energy efficiency, and central control capabilities for a comfortable and intelligent indoor environment.


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