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Slim Design Floor Standing Type Fan Coil Unit

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145mm thickness slim design floor standing type fan coil unit. Beautiful and generous appearance, suitable for furniture installation. 
  • MFP-40CM-B

  • MECO

Product Introduction:

A compact and efficient cooling solution for your space. With its small size and convenient layout, this unit is designed to occupy minimal land, making it perfect for areas with limited space.

Featuring a compact size, this fan coil unit offers a good balance between performance and space-saving design. Its slim profile allows for easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Whether you need to cool a small office, a hotel room, or any other space, this fan coil unit is up to the task.

Not only does this unit provide efficient cooling, but it also boasts a professional and sleek appearance that seamlessly blends with any interior decor. Its slim design allows it to discreetly fit into any room, without compromising on performance.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Slim Design Floor Standing Type Fan Coil Unit. With its small size, convenient layout, and fast installation, this unit is the perfect choice for those seeking a professional cooling solution without sacrificing valuable space.

Product Characteristics:

1 145mm thickness unit body, small in size, occupying less land, and convenient in layout. Compact size, good balance, and fast installation.

2 The fan adopts a through flow fan, which operates smoothly, has low noise, and a long service life.

3 The product uses less water, has a fast heating speed, low noise, and achieves forced convection heat dissipation. It can reach the set temperature after 5-10 minutes of startup.

4 Multiple forms of installation, can be used independently or mixed with radiators for installation.

Performance Sheet: 

Slim universal


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